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Barrier Reduction Fitness Programs

Barrier reduction fitness programs are designed to make physical activity more available to populations that often experience inequity in accessing fitness services.

CTIF barrier reduction focused fitness programs have been designed with equity in mind. We recognize that trauma-informed approaches ae essential for providing safe and inclusive spaces for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Our programs serve the two-fold mandate of filling important gaps in our community's health programming and of serving as experiential templates that can be integrated into different settings and inform best practices for future programs.

All programs are based on a radical acceptance model of physical and mental health.


We are excited to launch the following in person programs at our temporary location, Action Potential Fitness (17210 106A Avenue NW.)

Fat, Fit, and Fearless

A 6 Week Journey Into Radical Self Acceptance

Fat, Fit, and Fearless is specifically designed to help fat-bodied women* discover the joy of movement and self-care from a body acceptance and self-celebration perspective.

  • Includes a 45mins fitness class led by highly qualified trainers with extensive backgrounds working with fat bodied individuals of all physical ability levels and have lived experiences of fatness.

  • Fitness programs are followed by a 30 minute social-learning workshops covering topics related to body acceptance and self care led by experienced professionals with background in counselling and facilitating group support.

  • Open to Cis and Trans women, as well gender non-conforming humans comfortable in a femme-centered setting that operates from a fat positive/ body liberation perspective.

  • 8 Participant maximum per cohort.

Program cost:

$120 (Full Rate)

$100 (Equity Tier 1)

$80.00 (Equity Tier 2)

$60.00 (Equity Tier 3).

For further equity pricing options please contact us.

Fitness Trans Formed: Knock Out

A 6 Week Introduction To Boxing

Boxing packs a powerful punch when it comes to working the body and the mind. Led by an experienced boxing and strength & conditioning Trans* coaches, this program is all about connecting with your inner champion.

  • Includes 60 minute classes featuring boxing, speed and agility training, strength training, and stretching.

  • Open to all Trans-identifying humans including men, women, Two Spirit, non-binary, gender fluid and non-conforming, and gender questioning ages 18 and over (youth cohorts will be announced soon).

  • Max Participants: 8

  • Program cost: $120 (Full Rate), $100 (Equity Tier 1), $80.00 (Equity Tier 2), $60.00 (Equity Tier 3). For further equity pricing options please contact us

The Fitness Trans Formed team recognizes that not all activities presented will appeal to every person, and looks forward to resuming the popular Lift to Lift program and other specialized programs in the near future.

Program cost:

$120 (Full Rate)

$100 (Equity Tier 1)

$80.00 (Equity Tier 2)

$60.00 (Equity Tier 3).

For further equity pricing options please contact us.


Early Learners

Ages 2-5 + Caregivers and Siblings

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, DiversiFit is back! Founded in 2017, DiversiFit specializes in providing disability positive, trauma informed play and motor learning in a semi-controlled environment.

  • Includes 60 minutes of semi-structured play and social learning.

  • Sensory sensitive spaces, equipment, and resources available.

  • Facilitated by experienced and qualified adaptive movement specialists who are also neurodivergent (and parents to neurodivergent children!)

The DiversiFit team recognizes the need for programming for all ages and all disability levels. The temporary facility is in the process of upgrading its disability accessibility to meet the needs of all people. Please stay tuned for further updates and program offerings.

Program cost:

$120 (Full Rate)

$100 (Equity Tier 1)

$80.00 (Equity Tier 2)

$60.00 (Equity Tier 3).

For further equity pricing options please contact us.

Fitness Trans Formed

Learn to Lift Spring 2023

The inaugural session of Fitness Trans Formed took place in the winter of 2023. Over 20 participants joined our team of 5 instructors a six wee journey into fitness, health, and radical self acceptance.

Our Flagship Programs

As a newly formed initiative, our flagship programs were chosen based on a single criteria: Nothing about us without us.

The RBA Project

The Radical Body Acceptance Project (RBA) is a series of programs designed to celebrate body diversity and affirm the inherent dignity of fat bodies. RBA programs recognize that fatness is a socially constructed concept and promote a fat acceptance worldview.


The DiversiFit series celebrate and support bodies and minds of all abilities to achieve improved physical and mental health in a social learning context. DiversiFit programs are designed using the social model of Disability framework, offer a Disability Positive perspective to health.

Fitness Trans Formed

Fitness Trans Formed programs are specifically designed for Transgender, Two Spirit, and other gender non conforming and/and questioning individuals and are designed to foster empowerment and self-acceptance in a safe, inclusive setting.

PLEASE NOTE: These programs reflect the lived experiences of our founding instructors, and have already been trialed in a real-world context.

As we continue to grow our CTIF team, we are excited to add other specialized programs to our flagship offerings that reflect the diversity of needs in our community. We will specifically be working on bringing in programs that target racial, sexual, disability, and age-based inequities.

All CTIF programs include an Equitable Access Pricing Strategy.


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